Peachtree elects its officers once a year. Our officers serve a full year’s term, from July 1 to June 30. Somewhat unique to Peachtree, our officers rarely run opposed, but rather are solicited to serve based on the candidate’s stated desire to serve and the position in which they are interested. If you are interested in serving as an officer, please speak to the President before April so that you can learn more about the office you wish to hold.

Serving as an officer in Toastmasters is an important part of building leadership skills. As an officer, you will work with a team closely to manage the finances of the club, set the schedule of meetings, hold special functions such as contests and the awards banquet, and solicit and welcome new members and guests to our club. Peachtree Toastmasters slate of officers utilizes the standard positions suggested by Toastmasters International as well as a few positions that have been specifically created to serve our club’s special needs.

President – Lamarr Martin

The President is responsible for the overall performance of the club. He/she leads the executive committee (made up of all the officers) and presides at the club’s regular meetings. On the Area and Division level, he/she represents the club to the rest of Georgia Toastmasters. On a day-to-day basis, he/she ensures communication between officers and members and helps to facilitate the business of the club away from the meetings.

Vice President Education – Katie O’Toole

The VP Education (commonly referred to as the “VP Ed”) sets the schedule for the club. He/she is responsible for creating and publishing the schedule, and working with the other officers to create special formats and fun, challenging meetings. He/she works with the Contest Chair to oversee the scheduling of contests. The VP Education works with individual members to help them along in achieving their individual goals. He/she also shares responsibility in working toward club goals, specifically, the Distinguished Club Program. The VP Education is widely acknowledged to be the most demanding role as an officer in the club.

Vice President Membership – Niki Watson

The VP Membership welcomes our guests and ensures that their paperwork is completed before processing them as new members. He/she plans (as needed) orientation sessions for new members to help them grow accustomed to Toastmasters etiquette and tradition. When necessary, he/she is responsible for coming up with membership programs designed to increase the number of members in our club.

Vice President Public Relations – Stephen Penn

The VP Public Relations is the first point of contact for all club inquires and external affairs. His/her contact information is published on the Toastmasters International website as well as the club website. The VP Public Relations also coordinates with the club webmaster on activities related to the Peachtree Toastmasters web site including updating the club events calendar and membership roster. The VP PR also works with the VP Membership to help publicize the club to attract new members and guests.

Secretary – Lisa Asher

The Secretary takes attendance for the club and also records the minutes at the executive committee meetings. Once per year, the Secretary reports the weekly winners to the Awards Banquet Committee, who then sets the Awards Ballot based on the number of times a Toastmaster has won a particular award that year. The Secretary is also responsible for organizing the club’s supplies and ordering additional supplies as necessary.

Treasurer – Ed Rittenbaum

The Treasurer is the club accountant and keeps the bank records for the club. He/she assists the President in setting the budget, and then holds the club to that budget. He/she is responsible for the reporting of the finances to the President on a regular basis, and for disbursing the funds to members who incur expenses on behalf of the club. The Treasure collects new member dues and facilitates the processing of the new-member application with TMI. The Treasurer is also responsible for collecting renewal dues from existing members, submitted twice a year in March and September.

Sergeant At Arms – Fernando Soto

The Sergeant At Arms is in charge of the overall professionalism of the club. He/she sets up the room prior to every meeting, gavels the meetings to order, and provides a helpful tip on Toastmaster etiquette prior to the introduction of the President. During the meeting, he/she assists in the passing of the comment and ballot cups, as well as the admission of late arrivals so they don’t distract from the speakers at the lectern. Following the meeting, he/she straightens up the room and returns the Toastmaster equipment to our closet.

Immediate Past President – Roz Thomas

The immediate past President is an official member of the club executive committee. His/her responsibilities are to support the President.

Contest Chair – Vacant

The Contest Chair works with the VP Ed to provide judges and set the ground rules for our Toastmaster-sponsored contests. He/she is responsible also for finding the competitors and setting the rules for each contest.

Webmaster – Vacant

In some clubs the VP Public Relations is directly responsible for the club’s web site. However, in our club we have established this as a separate role. The webmaster is responsible for the technical aspects of the web site, and also works with the VP Public Relations and other officers to utilize the web site in ways that will best serve the club and its members.

Social Chairperson – Executive Board 2017-2018

The Social Chairperson is charged with providing fun events that happen in a much more casual setting than the regular Monday meeting. Typically, he or she will schedule between 3 and 6 events a year for members to enjoy, such as parties, wine tastings, and outings.

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