Each Peactree Toastmasters meeting follows a standard format. Each week’s agenda is unique, but will always fit into the following structure:

6:30pm – Call to Order

The Sergeant At Arms calls our meeting to order and leads us in the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a brief tip on Toastmasters’ etiquette. Then, the Sergeant At Arms turns the meeting over to the President.

6:35pm – Business Meeting

The President conducts the business portion of our meeting. He receives reports from the officers present at the meeting and welcomes our guests, who are introduced by the Vice President Membership. Also, announcements from the floor are handled at this time. Following the Business Meeting, the President turns the meeting over to the Toastmaster of the night, who conducts the rest of the program.

6:40pm – Educational Portion (Table Topics)

The Toastmaster runs the educational portion of the meeting. He begins by explaining the format of the meeting for our guests and then introduces the Table Topics Master, who will lead the group in a fun, fast-paced, and challenging round of Table Topics.

Table Topics consists of members at random answering questions from the Table Topics Master on virtually any subject, all tied in some way to the topic of the night. Members speak from 30 seconds to 2 minutes and must follow the general guidelines of public speaking.

Following the completion of Table Topics, the audience votes for the Best Table Topics participant, and the Toastmaster regains control of the meeting.

7:00pm – Educational Portion (Speeches)

Normally, we have three prepared speakers at every meeting. Each speaker should be conducting a project from one of Toastmaster International’s Communication and Leadership Program books. Speeches typically run from 5 to 10 minutes and can be on any topic of the speaker’s choosing.

Speakers must work toward a specific goal in each manual speech. Each speaker is evaluated by the audience in a general way, by receiving comments on small slips of paper after the speech is completed. Each speaker is also evaluated in greater detail during the evaluation section of the meeting.

Prepared speakers who stay within their time are eligible for “Best Speaker” which is given out at the end of the meeting.

7:30pm – Educational Portion (Evaluations)

After the final speech is concluded, the Toastmaster turns the meeting over to the General Evaluator. The General Evaluator is responsible for providing all participants in the meeting (with the exception of the prepared speakers) with constructive feedback and ways to improve their abilities. After evaluating the conduct of the officers and Table Topics participants, he turns the meeting over one by one to the prepared speakers’ evaluators.

Being an evaluator is one of the most important aspects of Toastmasters. By receiving immediate, directed feedback from our peers, we can improve our speaking abilities and re-apply our skills to the next speech based upon the comments of our evaluators. Evaluators speak for 2 to 3 minutes, one for each prepared speaker. Evaluators who stay within their time are eligible for “Best Evaluator”, awarded at the end of the meeting.

Following the evaluators, the General Evaluator calls upon a set of three helpers to note our use of grammar; “filler words” such as “er”, “um”, and “ah”; and the timer who makes sure we know how much of our alloted time we used during our speech.

When the evaluators are done, the meeting is turned back to the Toastmaster, who returns control of the meeting to the President for adjournment.

7:55pm – Awards and Announcements

The President gets comments from our guests and invites them to join. If there are any announcements that were missed early on, those are passed along at this time. The schedule for the following week is read, and the awards are passed out.

Finally, the location of “Post Toasties” is determined. Social interaction in our club is equally important to Peachtree as our speaking abilities. Following the meeting, many members will gather at a local Buckhead restaurant for drinks and dessert, to discuss the meeting and share the activities in their lives. Many members find this to be just as rewarding as the meeting itself, and it is widely agreed that to not go to Post Toasties means you are missing out on a large part of the fun that is Peachtree Toastmasters. Some members who cannot make the meeting still come to Post Toasties around 8:30!