17_ClubMeetings_LRIf you come visit our club, you will find welcoming people. We always enjoy having guests. When you first arrive, if you get to the meeting a few minutes early, there will likely already be some club members and other guests in the room. The meeting starts at 6:30, but the earliest start arriving at 6:00. We always do our best to say “Hello,” but some people in the room early might be psyching up for a speech or getting the last minute details of the meeting together.

We try to start the meeting prompty at 6:30. At Peachtree Toastmasters, while we definitely like to keep the tone of the meeting light and fun, we also strive for a well organized and efficient meeting that starts on time. There are two primary reasons we try to achieve a structured meeting: the first is that we want to pack as many speaking opportunities as possible into a 90 minute meeting; the second is that we want to respect people’s time and finish the meeting on time.

During the meeting, the format of the meeting and the roles of the different people will be explained. This makes it easy to follow along, and also easy to understand the reasons behind the structure of the meeting. The whole meeting is tailored toward creating a high number of both speaking opportunities and learning opportunities. Upwards of twenty different club members will speak, even if just a few words, in a single meeting. Even if you don’t speak at a meeting, the evaluations and speeches of fellow members are interesting and educational. If you are curious about the meeting format, this page explains the format we use at Peachtree Toastmasters, and this page will explain the different roles that club members can play during a meeting.

The focus of the meeting is always education and entertainment. No one will try to sell you anything. No one will try to motivate you to go out and recruit more Toastmasters. If you are a guest, no one will pressure you to join.

During the meeting, as a guest you are welcome and encouraged to vote in the Best Table Topics, Best Speaker, and Best Evaluator contests that we have at every meeting. Voting is of course optional.

After the meeting, people will hang around for awhile and socialize. This is a good time to ask any questions you might have. Some club members will likely say Hello and ask what you thought of the meeting, but don’t worry–no one has anything to sell and no one will pressure you about joining the club. Mostly people are just in a good mood after a meeting. After the meeting we also retire to a nearby restaurant for food, drinks, and more conversation.